From Nicole — 

Grilled cobia is one of my favorite foods. Once you’ve eaten a cobia steak, you’ll be hooked, too. But even the best food can seem boring after a while. That’s why Jordan and I decided to make sushi with cobia on a whim. On his way home from work one night, Jordan picked up rice and other essential ingredients for the dish. We already had fresh cobia in the fridge.

I was excited to make sushi for the first time, but when Jordan came home with the ingredients, I was weary. I had instructed him to pick up sushi rice. What he brought home was Mahatma long-grain white rice. I thought, “We’re doomed. Our first attempt at sushi is going to be an epic fail.” Jordan saw the look on my face and defended with, “Sushi rice was $9!”

I wanted to run to the store, but Jordan convinced me to give the cheap long-grain rice a try. And it worked. I cooked the rice covered according to the instructions on the package. I added a generous amount of salt to the rice as it boiled. Once the rice was fully cooked, I immediately spread it in a thin layer on a ceramic plate. I placed the plate in the freezer uncovered before the rice had a chance to fluff up. As soon as the rice was cool, I pulled it from the freezer, and it was ready to go.

We then assembled the sushi using a thin layer of the long-grain rice, and strips of cobia, cucumber, and cream cheese. I topped my roll with sesame seeds and Jordan ate his without the extra crunch.


We had fun trying something new together. The food was a bonus. We ended up making sushi a second time that week. And surprisingly, the rolls were filling!

Don’t be intimidated by the process of making sushi or eating raw fish. Give it a chance. But be sure to use fresh cobia. The older the fish, the stronger its taste.

After making sushi for ourselves several times, Jordan and I spent a night with family to teach them how to make their own sushi. It was a [messy] success!

If you’re looking to liven up a dinner party, consider luring guests into your kitchen with an opportunity to make sushi. Grab some drinks and surround yourself with good company as you make tasty appetizers. It’ll be a decent amount of work, but worth the bonding and laughs.

If you’re planning to have guests make their own rolls, be sure to pre-slice the cobia, cucumber, and cream cheese. You can also cook the rice ahead of time. It will keep in the fridge overnight. Set out all the ingredients for guests to use before starting the rolls. You’ll need a little less than 4 sq. ft. of counter space per person to ensure everyone has enough room to work.

If you have any questions about making sushi, shoot me an e-mail! Also check out this video on how to roll sushi.

I encourage you to try something new each time you prepare your fresh catch of the day! Just be sure to check whether the type of fish you’re using will work for the recipe. Not sure? Ask Nicole!


Make cobia sushi in your own kitchen

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