There’s no stopping the addiction

From Nicole

Monday mornings are usually daunting for people who work a standard nine-to-five like me. While I don’t particularly look forward to Mondays, they are a day of rest in my books. After fishing all weekend, it’s nice to sit in an air-conditioned office and let my body recover. But come Tuesday, I’m ready to get back on the water. Fortunately, I have a great job; unfortunately, I have to show up five days a week regardless of perfect fishing conditions. Every Friday at 5 pm, I’m racing home to help Jordan hook up the boat and get things together for Saturday morning.

A typical Saturday for us involves waking up before the sun, making coffee, and checking the weather and sea conditions before heading to the coast.  When we fish inshore, we head to local spots we think might be best considering the tides, temperature, rainfall, and season. We hit a few spots and move around until the sun defeats us.

This past weekend, I didn’t catch anything on or offshore. I lost a game of tug-of-war with a Goliath grouper, got broke off by a giant king, and watched as a keeper cobia rejected the bait I pitched to him.

Jordan and Eric (a friend of ours, pictured above) each landed a cobia and Eric landed a fat red. It had been a near perfect day despite my lack of fish. That statement may sound odd to some people, but for those who truly enjoy fishing, they get it. What better way to spend a Saturday than on the water, hearing nothing but screaming lines, boat engines, and birds diving? Yeah, catching something would have been nice, but at least I was surrounded by salt water.


One of my personal bests.

There’s something about fishing that really makes me feel alive. It’s a challenge and a rush that’s irresistible. When I lose a bite, the anticipation of the next grows more intense and I can’t sit still. It’s a hunger that’s hard to feed. And I get the need to eat every weekend. It. Never. Stops. Luckily, I’ve got a captain that’s always ready to turn up his nose to chores and launch the boat.

Tonight we marinated in zesty Italian the cobia Jordan caught this weekend and grilled it for dinner. It was a great way to jump start the work week. And it was easy. Marinade (soak) cobia steaks in the dressing for about 30-40 minutes and immediately grill directly on grates for 15 minutes, flipping halfway through. This is what you’ll end up with:


Until the end of the work week, hang in there and get ready for the bites this weekend!


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