From Jordan -- You won't find high-rise resorts, five-star restaurants, outlet shopping, theme parks, or spas in St. Marks, Florida. That's what makes it special. Instead, you'll find boat ramps, an abundance of wildlife, and practical lodging for sportsman. There are two primary lodging locations in St. Marks: Shell Island Fish Camp and Sweet Magnolia … Continue reading Spend a weekend in St. Marks, Florida, our backyard

Spend a weekend in St. Marks, Florida, our backyard

From Both of Us -- Having the proper bait, tackle, and rods are essential to landing the fish you're after. You also need healthy food and plenty of drinking water to withstand fishing on a hot summer day.  Other than that, you don't need much (except experience and good numbers).  But, there are a few … Continue reading Our top non-essential fishing must-haves

Our top non-essential fishing must-haves

Create a better fishery for tomorrow

From Jordan -- It's easy to get caught up in the pursuit of fish and ignore best fishing practices, especially if you're frustrated because the fish aren't biting. No matter what, being responsible is part of the sport. If you're new to fishing, be sure to familiarize yourself with fishing regulations. Also learn how to properly … Continue reading Create a better fishery for tomorrow